Are your products environmentally safe?

Yes! We are committed to developing products safe for our environment. All of our suppliers have strict rules on not only the quality of their products but also the way it is harvested.

Are all products safe for color-treated hair, and/or keratin treatments?
Yes! They are all extremely gentle natural formulations, color-safe, and help extend the life of the color. Products can also be used on keratin treated hair.

Why don’t the shampoos lather very much?
Because Careberry is an Authentic Ayurvedic Line of Products, free of Sulphate, SLS, Paraben and silicone and harmful chemicals, you will not get a thick, foamy lather (nor is it needed to properly cleanse the scalp and hair). Use this protocol: Start with a small amount, massage directly into the scalp, emulsify with small amounts of water (to build a “creamy” lather, and rinse well.

My hair feels dry after using the product, is this normal?
Carebery Products is composed of more than 90% natural ingredients and are free from harmful surfactants and harmful chemicals, its formulated to address specific hair and scalp needs and deliver exceptional results. If you are currently using products that are not natural, and contain silicone or frothing agents, using our products may feel differently for the first few uses. We generally ask you to give it 1-2 weeks to transition and to achieve the expected results. Our goal is to make your hair look and feel healthy from the inside out, using natural and effective ingredients.
If you are unsure about what products are right for you, please consult with our Hair Care Concierge to discover what you might be missing in your hair care routine.

Where can i purchase Careberry products?
In the US and UK, Careberry products are sold through online retails stores like amazon.
Careberry also sells directly online at 

How to track the status / tracking of my order?
We send updates of the status of your order to the e-mail registered at the time of purchase. If you want, you can also consult it directly on our website, just log in to the “My Account ” area, access “My orders”, choose the order you want to consult and click on “See more”. You'll see the date the order was placed, the status of the payment, if you have the carrier and details of the items and purchase amount.

How do i know my payment has been approved?
We send you a payment confirmation email. Or, if you prefer, you can follow up on the website by logging into “My account” and accessing “My orders”.

Do you have a minimum purchase price?
There is no minimum purchase price.

I want to cancel my order, request an exchange or return the products.
You can cancel your order, request an exchange of any item or request a return. Access our Returns and Refund Policy to know the terms and rules.

How do i know the delivery time and terms available for my address?
To check the available modalities, shipping cost and deadline for your address, simply place the desired products in the "Shopping Bag", select "Checkout" and enter the pin code of the delivery address. The available modalities, values ​​and deadlines will be displayed according to your pin code and availability of the products.

The delivery period for your product only starts from the date of payment confirmation and is always counted in working days. We will send you an email with the deadline for delivery as soon as you complete your purchase.

My order is shown as delivered, but i have not received it.
Check with the building concierge or the people who live/work at the delivery address if they have not received the order for you. If you do not identify, you can contact our customer care team within 48 hours after the delivery status update to request the recipient's name and/or make a dispute.

What happens if i don't have someone to take the order at the delivery address?
Up to 3 delivery attempts will be made to the registered address and if none of them are successful, your order will be returned to Careberry Warehouse. If this happens, your order is automatically canceled and we will refund the amount paid according to the payment method used in the purchase. The entire process will be informed via email.

My order came with the box seal broken
If upon receiving the order, you find that the seal on the box has been violated, refuse the delivery and contact our Customer Care to report the case and request a return. If you identify the error upon receipt, please contact us or email with a photo of your order and we will inform you of the procedures to be followed.

What is the process to avail the "buy shampoo and get conditioner free" offer?

To avail the buy shampoo and get conditioner free offer, simply follow these steps:

  1. Add both shampoo and conditioner to your shopping cart.
  2. The offer should automatically apply at checkout.
  3. If the offer does not automatically apply, please check the terms and conditions or contact customer support for assistance.

Note: Make sure to check the offer details, as some conditions may apply, such as a minimum purchase amount or certain products being excluded from the offer.

Can i change the shipping address for an order i have already placed?
It is possible to change the address of an order that is already in progress depending on the stage and the carrier. Please contact our customer care team to verify the possibility in your case. If the change is not possible, it will be necessary to cancel the order and make a new purchase with the correct address.

To update the address on your registration for future purchases, log into your account, go to “Overview” and select “My addresses” from the left-hand menu. You will be able to edit, delete or add a new address that will be displayed on your next purchases.

How to register on the Careberry website?
To make your registration, Log in to My Account “at the top of the site. Then enter your full name, contact email and password then click on “Create account”. Ready! You will have your registration completed in order to make purchases on the site.

I forgot my password
If you forgot your password, just enter your access email, click on continue and then click on “reset your password”. You will receive in your e-mail a link to re-register your password to access the site.

If you don't remember the registered email, just get in touch with Careberry Customer Care Team.

How do i make changes to my registration?
Log in to the site. On the left side you will have a menu with some options, among them:

My Account - Here you can change your registration data;

My addresses - Here you can consult, edit and create more delivery addresses for the next orders;

My Cards – Here you can save credit cards to facilitate your purchases;

Order history - Here you can consult the history of your orders, with details of items, values, payment method etc.;

I was informed that my login already exists in database. What should i do?
In this case, your email address has already been registered. If you don't remember your password, fill in the email when logging into the site and click on “reset your password” to receive an email with password recovery instructions.

What payment methods are available?
- You can pay for your purchases by Credit/Debit Card.
- You can make payment in cash Upon delivery.
- You can pay using the QR Code directly in your bank's app or copy the code and pay through your bank's app or internet banking or Digital Wallet like Gpay, Paytm, Paypal etc.
We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Dinner's Club and Rupay card. To ensure your security, all orders undergo an analysis of registration data.

Can i pay with 2 credit/debit cards?

No, payment can be made to only one card per order.

How do i make a purchase on the Careberry website?

1. Choose the product you want to buy and click "add to cart". Then click on checkout then fill in shipping details a message will appear to continue shipping or return to the cart, if you want to add more products click on "return to the cart", if you have already chosen everything you need click on "continue shipping".

2. When entering Cart you will be able to change the quantity of each product chosen or remove it from the Cart if necessary.

3. If you have a discount coupon, just enter the code in the field below “subtotal” and say ok, it will be applied to the order (wait for the page to load).

4. After verifying the total amount of your purchase, shipping amount and discounts applied, you can click on “checkout”. Enter your email address, fill in your personal details and click continue

5. Complete the shipping address details, select the order delivery option, fill in the payment details and click checkout.

FYI, we'll send updates for each step of your order to your registered email address.

Can i make my purchases by cell phone on the Careberry website?
Yes, just access the website directly from your cell phone.

How can i submit a suggestion or a review?
If you would like to send us a suggestion or a criticism, you can contact our Customer Care Team.

How to use a promotional coupon?
If you have a promotional coupon, enter the coupon code in the "Do you have a discount coupon?" in the shopping Cart step and click the "Apply" button. If you have met the benefit requirements, the coupon will be validated and the benefit will be updated in your shopping bag.

How do I use my discount coupon?
In "Cart", right below the "subtotal" you will find a field to enter the promotional coupon code, once you type click on OK for the coupon to be applied to the order.

Why is the discount / freebie that is advertised not applying to my order?
Discounts and freebies advertised according to the promotion in effect on our website are linked to certain requirements, described in each campaign. One of the requirements is the minimum purchase price, which considers the final value of the products you purchase, that is, the value of shipping, discounts and credits.

Does Careberry send promotional emails?
Yes. All you have to do is register and receive our newsletters by email with all the security guarantee regarding the use of your email, which will be for any type of communication (including order updates).

When you register, you choose to receive emails with exclusive discounts, on the best products on the site, campaigns, news on the site. Remember to always check the rules of promotions and campaigns and the brand's Privacy Policy .

How do i receive newsletter?
To receive the newsletter with news, discounts and exclusive promotions, click on the home page of the Careberry website, at the end of the page register your name and e-mail! Okay, you will be up to date on everything!

If i have further questions, who do i contact?
Please contact Careberry Customer Care at (+91) 770 093 2626 or Email at

How do I find out more about becoming an authorized partner?
Please contact Careberry Customer Care at (+91) 770 093 2626 or Email at


Careberry India GMP certified products

GMP BY AYUSH certificate is proof of Authentic Ayurvedic Profduct, it is given by the Ministry of AYUSH for sale of Ayurvedic products anywhere in India.

ISO certified products - Careberry

ISO Quality management system (QMS) is a process, methods & functions focused on consistently meeting customer requirements and enhancing their satisfaction.

ISO Certified products - Careberry

ISO 22000:2018 is an effective food safety management system (FSMS) reinforces an organization's control on food safety hazards and ensures that its products are safe.

Vegan products - Careberry

Careberry Products are 100% Vegan which means no animal ingredients or by-products, using in the manufacturing process.

Careberry products are Cruelty Free

Careberry Products are Cruelty Free. This means not only will you be helping save animals, but you'll be using products which are better for your body & mind.